David Knotts - Composer, Pianist, Conductor

Composer, Pianist, Conductor

A Little Book of Proverbs


Instrumentation: 8 Recorders

Duration: 10'

First Performance: Zero Gravity Corpus Christi Chapel, Cambridge. 24th June 2018

Commissioned By: Society of Recorder Players SRP

A series of 8 pieces inspired by quirky proverbs and turns of phrase. The personnel required to perform each successive piece increases by one performer so there will be something here for all recorder groups.

for 1 - You Can Lead a Horse To Water
for 2 - Don't Let The Cat out of the Bag
for 3 - A Bird in the Hand
for 4 - Four Sheets to the Wind
for 5 - White Lies & Red Herrings
for 6 - Too Many Cooks
for 7 - On Tenterhooks
for 8 - A Wild Goose Chase